Bigfoot Files;The Almasty

I’ve now watched the final episode. The Almasty is the Russian bigfoot if you like. It follows the same format as the other two, with a seemingly restricted number of samples being tested & shown to be from quite common creatures.

The difference with this prog was that they were also testing the DNA of descendants of a woam who was beleived to be an Almas. The theory was that she was a relict Neanderthal. The DNA proved to be sub saharan in origin, possibly from a relict population that migrated from Africa to the Caucasus thousand of years ago,  possibly from slaves from the Ottoman Empire.

Again we are being told something is conclusive proof when really very little has been proved. At one point the former boxer Nikolai Valuev turned up & you are left wondering if they are going to test hi, but he watches a video of a sighting, and doesn’t really add anything to the programme.

At the end of the series Mark Evans gives Dr Brian Sykes the credit for turning the hunt for these creatures into a science.

Not so in my opinion. Dr Sykes is obviously a skilled man but to make such a claim on the evidence shown in the series is to be as free and easy with it as Mark Evans seems to beleive the bigfoot researchers are. I have to say, on my analysis of the evidence for Dr Sykes;well, not proven!

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