One week down

I’ve completed my first week at Total Resource Agricultural Supplies. It’s been a very positive but tiring week. ending with me selling nearly £600 worth of supplies on the Friday. I seem to fit in very well with the group, there are all told five of us in the office.

It’s amazing what a small world it is, because everyone seems to know at least one person I’ve worked with, or we have mutual acquaintances who inspire the same feelings of revulsion in both of us. I’m not mentioning any names but there is a previous boss (although she was boss for different companies for each of us) and a patronising airhead that I had absolutely no time for when we worked together. (Well, I worked. She sat there doing absolutely fuck all except flirt with the young guys she fancied) and people they were interviewed by who frankly, I would not want to work with again if I was absolutely desperate to get back into employment.

I’m working near Magdalen Street, & it’s greatly amusing to me to see people streaming in & out of some of the less salubrious offices there that I remember through other connections. One office belongs to a company with a very doubtful reputation amongst those of us in the know. You go for an interview & they offer you the job there & then. Only when you agree to work for them do they reveal that it’s commission only & your expenses aren’t refunded to you. Their training room faces out into the alleyway that I walk along to get to work. You see crowds of trainees, hoping to be a big success. Very few of them are.

Lets hope it doesnt rub off on me!

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