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I finished my placement yesterday. Rather pointedly the whole dept went out for lunch together (I was not asked to go along, not that I’m bothered!).

When they came back, after a two hour lunch, the head of this supposedly busy dept told me that they were worried (and I agreed) that I hadn’t been able to fully grasp the complexities of the computer system & what they do. I was, in my turn, worried about what they were asking me to do as 1)It was entirely different from anything I had ever done before and 2) They were constantly bringing home to me the need to respond speedily as much of the work was extremely time sensitive.

I didn’t feel myself that it was fair to put me in such a position, I had two days actual experience on the computer & was supposedly trained by a wet teenager; whose response when I asked her to clarify anything was “I already told you that”, and a manager who kept impressing on me the need to handle as much as I could myself and then complained when I tried.

I couldn’t see any point in arguing with her, it was only a temporary appointment & bearing in mind how ridiculously slow they were to even get me a computer, I’m not surprised that it didnt last.

They are actually looking for more staff to cope with their “heavy workload”, but as I have blogged elsewhere, despite their supposedly heavy workload, there was rarely if ever a full team in, they were rarely there after 4pm most of the days I worked (even the girl who was supposed to be training me buggered off half an hour before I did!) and the two hour lunch yesterday put the tin hat on it for me.

Having been a civil servant I knew that things could be more relaxed than in the private sector, but I wasn’t impressed by this department at all. For example, they’ve been up and running over a year now, since May 2013; but they have arranged to take their holidays all in a bunch, leaving them understaffed though August.

One of them casually let slip in my presence that it’s almost like “they are making it up as they go along!”

All I will say is that in the private sector they’d work a damn sight harder & train you a damn sight better!

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