Rearing their aging heads

We have some former associates that we cut off contact with ten years ago. I’ve always taken the view that friendship should work both ways . However, with this crew, they always knew miraculously where I was (and if I had money) when they needed me, but were never there should I need a favour.

No surprise there, you’d need the Albert Hall twice over to accommodate the people they’ve treated like shit.

They do make me laugh tho. Every now & then, one of them, stirred by his over active imagination, will rear up & sound off about something we are supposed to have done. Then his missus, a doubtful character herself, will start complaining about the past being raked up, even though they are the ones doing the raking.

And from time to time an amusing little snarky comment, attempting to start an argument will surface from them or one of their pathetic hangers on, trying to start an argument.

It’s annoying, but shows how low their class & their mentality is. They want to let the past lie & move on, they bleat, but then they go back to the past.

I do, in a way, find it amusing. They are so wrapped up in their own egos (they are both performers in a peripheral way) that they cannot see just how stupid they make themselves look. I suppose as one’s career has ended and the other’s is declining that it’s understandable that they will look back to what they perceive as happier times when they didn’t quite make the big time.

But small minded people only find themselves small time. Their attitude says a lot to me.

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