Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership

It seems that Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair & Gordon Brown have all warned Labour members against voting for Corbyn. Kinoock, that welsh windbag makes me laugh in particular. This is the same guy who gloated when that useless muppet look a like Ed Milliband won the leadership a few years ago, saying he’d got his party back. Yep, back to an ineffective leader who seems to have put the most corruptible voting system for leader in place. I still say Labour picked the wrong Milliband.

A lot of what Corbyn says does resonate with ordinary folk. I’ve said myself for years that utilities should be nationalised, the essentials of life should be priced to benefit those who need to use them, not to make profits for the few. Most people fell that way, unless they are shareholders. I’m not so sure that nationalising rail would work, but the current set up is ridiculous.

As I work in telecoms, I’m not sure how I would feel about nationalising that either; but I can see the logic of extending state control over that sector as well, another where some companies make vast profits at the expense of their users.

We havent yet heard the full Corbyn manifesto yet. I have a feeling his support is a protest more than anything else, against the homogeneity we have seen in the Lab/Tory party since 1997, with little difference between what either party offers.

The next few weeks will be interesting

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