Intelligence vs cleverness

At the invitation of one of my nephews I did an online IQ test today. He said I wouldn’t score higher than he did. He got 98.5 which puts him in the top 24% of the global population as far as intelligence goes. I got 144, whic puts me in the top 2%.

Yah boo sucks to him.

It raises an interesting point. I may be very intelligent (a reputation I’ve had since my schooldays) but I don’t consider myself very clever. Let me explain.

Although my IQ has been measured at various times as being just below genius level at 148 up to 175 (which is just below insanity apparently) I have not made as much money as you might expect such a seemingly intelligent person to make. But over the years I have worked with a series of bosses, & indeed colleagues, who have been successful. Some of them I consider to be dullards, but the fact remains that they make more than I do.

I think it’s because while they aren’t as intelligent, they are cleverer than I am.

It’s a bit like being Marvin the Paranoid Android. Here I am, brain the size of a planet…… but I could not apply my intelligence to an idea that makes money if my life depended on it. I can appreciate how, for the sake of argument, a new business venture could make money; but my intelligence  also shows me how such an idea could also be a stinker and wind up costing me more. But someone of lesser intelligence but more cleverness would only see the upside & would ignore the downside and either make shedloads of cash or fade from view in a haze of bankruptcy. A clever person can see the opportunity & exploit it where perhaps an intelligent one can’t.

Intelligent people can be succesfull;Sir Clive Sinclair was a brilliant innovator, but his success did not last. But Alan Sugar, who I regard as more succesfull but less intelligent than Sinclair has made good in the world of business. Intelligent people have the ideas; clever people make the money off them.

Tim Berners Lee is intelligent but didn’t make a penny out of the internet; Donald Trump is clever and has made millions, but his lack of intelligence is apparent everytime he opens his mouth. Trevor Bayliss, a very intelligent man who I have spoken to a number of times, has not made much from any of his ideas, but Richard Branson, who I regard as a very clever man, has made millions from his own ideas.

There are exceptions to this of course;Bill Gates is an intelligent man who has made millions by being clever as well, and I dare say there are countless others. Just as there are clever people who have one good idea and then ten crap ones which suck the profit away from their single lightbulb moment!

Who knows where I’d have been if I’d been cleverer!

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