At least I’m not a hypocrite

A few years back now, I made a very questionable career choice and moved from one job to another. Now I have to say that over the last few years, until I came to rest in the job I have now most such choices were questionable, & I should probably have stayed put.

But the amateur who wanted me to work for him made a good offer (it transpired his business acumen wasn’t as good as he said though) and I made the switch. He was full of shit about how my last employer hadn’t been able to meet his aspirations & how he would never work with the guy again.

Quelle surprise, they are now working together again. And he’s imported someone who proclaimed himself that he would never work with both of my ex bosses ever again. I suppose pragmatism & the need to earn money is a factor, it was with me when I made the choices I made. But I have stood firmly by my credo never to work in certain industries again. You will not find me trying to raise money for charity any more, for all I was doing there was being treated like a mug & lining the pockets of the directors & earning a pittance for gruelling work. You will not find me in B2B publishing any more. Yes, you can make good money at it if you are talented, but ultimately I’d come to feel that it was a product which no one really needed; the companies being profiled just wanted an ego piece & the suppliers being sold to feel they need to advertise to keep their cuustomer sweet.

I have to say  I hope it works out well for all concerned. But having seen similar situations before where prodigal employees were welcomed back into the fold, I don’t believe it will. Which is why I would never make an attempt to go back myself.

I may not be making as much as I did in those days, but at least I feel I’m being honest with myself, and for me that is infinitely more important!

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